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Practicing Unpreparedness Extensive Research May Not Be the Best Way to Prepare for Your Next Client Meeting

Practicing Unpreparedness Extensive Research May Not Be the Best Way to Prepare for Your Next Client Meeting Before a meeting at Paradise Bakery with a client, I had studied this guy inside and out. I knew his background and education. Id read every article hed written or had written about him. I was ready to wow him.But then something magical happened I met a real human being. The person in front of me was this funny, kind, and contradictory character I could hardly keep up with because I was trying so hard to match him with the person I had researched. I was so thrown off trying to know everything about this person in advance that I missed the true value of our potential connection.This was an early moment in my career, but it was pivotal it marked the first time I recognized an important tenet of relationship-building. I learned that the most indispensable part of preparing for any meeting isnt research or committing facts about someone to memory its approaching each meeting with an open mind to connect with someone without preconceived notions.Let Go of Preparation PerfectionA present and open mind, ratherbei than a distracted one, can help you get the most out of any meeting. This is a philosophy I try to embody personally, inspire in my team, and seek in partners and colleagues.I am reminded of a story an acquaintance of mine told me about a particularly fruitful encounter. While at a partners office, my colleague noticed the names of companies written on a whiteboard. She knew the leaders at some of these companies and offered to make a few connections. This gesture cost her nothing, but it created a bond with this new partner that led to an exchange of further introductions and interactions. Best of all, it wasnt an act prompted by a bulleted item on some agenda. It was an organic connection triggered by a genuine interest between two people.Anyone can build this kind of rapport with the right plan. Here are five ways to practice intentional unpreparedness and genuinely connect with everyone you meet1. Listen Without an AgendaWhen meeting new people or even people you might have met previously prepare to also greet their baggage, their background, and their stories. Be intensely interested in them as people rather than as potential clients or referral partners. Listen closely without ulterior motives to geta clear picture of each persons history and interests, which will help you understand how to relate tothem.That said, dont listen topeoples personal stories solely to find similar interests or points of connection. That sort of cheesy salesmanship rarely works. Ive seen many meetings go awry when people try to force connections by excitedly stating that they also happen to love waterskiing after someone mentions a passion for water sports. Be genuinely interested in people listen with an open mind and without neediness.2. Practice Calm PresencePreparing to the nth degree for your meeting may hinder your ability to sit and listen openly to the other person. Preoccupation with your notes or agenda can also cause you to practice bad listening, which can make the conversation shallow and disappointing.Do whatever preparation you need to feel relaxed, and then focus on simply being present in the moment. Go into the meeting with the mindset that this human is the most interesting person in the world right now. Learn as much as possible about what makes this individual tick during the meeting, not from facts youve gathered or your preconceived expectations.For mora expert career advice, check out the latest issue of Magazine3. Ask Questions to Dig DeepAn important part of being present during any meeting is opening the conversation up to tangents and depths you didnt expect. You can do this by asking open-ended questions that make the speaker feel their opinions and experiences matter.Invite the other person to simply telltheir story, and then look for opportuni ties to delve deeper. Pick out a detail or a feeling and respond in a way that encourages elaboration. If someone mentions a divorce, for example, you could say something like Wow, that had to be painful. How did you get through that? These kinds of penetrating questions not the ones you jotted down in preparation elicitthe insights that build a real connection.4. Bring Zero Judgment to the RoomOverpreparation often leads to getting caught up in expectations and prejudices about how you assume someone will appear or act. These preconceived notions can inhibit a natural relationship from forming and can leave the other person feeling boxed in.The more you enter a room judging others, the more youll limit your own self-knowledge and growth. If you enter from a standpoint of openness not harboring biases about people or their beliefs you position yourself as a listener who can be of service.5. Ask How You Can Serve PeoplePreparation is often self-serving. We want to be prepared to pr esent our own needs and our own personalities to get the most we can from other people. One of the best ways to be present and form an authentic connection with someone is to go into a meeting focused entirely on how you can offer help instead.Start building selflessness into the way you interact with others. Practice looking for ways you could be of service. Could you make an introduction or offer advice? Do you have a skill that someone needs? Let service be the ties that bind you to new acquaintances.It may feel strange at first to go into a meeting without an agenda. Youre likely used to approaching meetings with the same dedication you bring to everything else in your life. However, if you learn to step back from the idea of perfection, you could find yourself making deep, meaningful connections that lead to long-term relationships.Jonathan Keyser is the founder of KEYSER.

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5 Things You Should Never Reveal in a Job Interview

5 Things You Should Never Reveal in a Job Interview5 Things You Should Never Reveal in a Job Interview5 Things You Should Never Reveal in a Job InterviewHave you ever said something in an einstellungsgesprch and walked out completely regretting it? Thats what happened to one of my colleagues several years ago. She had an interview lined up for a great job, and had just found out she was pregnant. Everything about the interview was perfect, except for the part when she shared the great berichterstattung about her pregnancy. As she left the building, she realized she would never hear from that company again. (And sure enough, she didnt.)In most situations, its best to be honest and up front, but theres a time and place for everything. In a job interview, there are certain topics that can quickly take you out of consideration for the job if you voluntarily reveal them.Heres a short list of five types of information you never want to volunteer in a job interviewYOURE PREGNANT (OR TRYING) When an interviewer hears, By the way, Im pregnant, their immediate thought is Oh boy. This job requires months of training and shell barely be up to speed before she takes a leave of absence. And what if she never comes back? Save the good news until you have a job offer in hand, when you can present the news along with a plan of how youll make it work for both you and the employer.YOUR POLITICAL LEANINGS Many employers are wary of hiring someone whod be quick to push their personal political views in the office, making others uncomfortable and getting in the way of productivity. Mention anything that hints at your political standing in an interview and youre forcing the employer to reconsider your professionalism and how well youll fit with the rest of the team.YOUR RELIGIOUS VIEWS See 2. Same concept.HOW MUCH YOU WANT TO MAKE So, how much do you want to make in this position? Um. I...uh...well...uh....I think...well. Never go into an interview without a good idea of what youre worth and what a reasonable salary range for the job should be. (Suggested sites and RATHER BE DOING SOMETHING ELSE Times are tough, and you may be willing to settle for less than your ideal job, but the employer doesnt want to hear that. Employers want you to WANT to work for them they dont want people who are just there for the paycheck or to get by until a better opportunity presents itself. Show some enthusiasm, even if you have to fake it.My point? Keep your focus on the value you bring to the job and the employer, and leave those personal interests unexposed.

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How to Write a Great Resume Headline

How to Write a Great Resume Headline How to Write a Great Resume Headline Many people struggle with how to start their resume. Should you write an objective statement describing the type of lage you seek? Or should you just launch right into your career history, figuring thats what employers most want to see?The answer is neither. Instead, I recommend starting your resume with a strong resume headline that clearly communicates who you are and what you have to offer. The reason is simple your resume will be viewed by people who are very busy and who are inundated with other resumes to view. Very often, they will also be filling more than one vacancy. This means that when they look at your resume, they need to immediately understand two things1) What type of job are you applying for?2) Why would you be great at that job? How to create a resume headline For this reason, I like to create resume headlines in two parts. The first part of the headline simply states your target position (for example Marketing Manager or Senior Sales Executive or Junior Accountant.) This allows the busy recruiter, manager or HR rep to mentally assign you into a potential vacancy. (Ah, hes not applying for the sheep shearing job then.)The second part of your headline needs to say why you would be the best marketing manager, senior ausverkauf executive, or junior accountant they could possible hire. And even more importantly, it needs to say it in plain English without waffle words. Dont try to come up with clever wording or branding statements. The recruiter doesnt care. She simply wants facts facts that tell her why you would be successful in her company. So lets take the senior sales executive. He might sayDocumented record of driving sales multimillion dollar sales increases in tough economic times, including recent 40% boost for XYZ Inc. despite decline in overall market. Built and led teams that have beaten sales goals 12 years in a row.If this sub-header is bolded below the headli ne SENIOR SALES EXECUTIVE, its hard to imagine too many recruiters who wouldnt want to talk to our executive.But what if you work in a more junior role or one that isnt accountable for delivering sales increases? Thats OK. Delivering 40% sales increases isnt your job, so you have to think about what is. What is the reason employers hire people like you? What skills and achievements are important in your line of work? What personality traits are valued? What results are important?Our marketing manager might emphasize his knowledge of both traditional and new media marketing. Our junior accountant might stress his qualifications along with his 3 years of experience with SAP or his specialty in financial analysis.Here are 3 resume samples that start with powerful headlinesNon-profit executive resume sampleIT Manager sample resumeCTO resume sampleThe key is to make your resume headline factual, easy to read and clearly focused on the specific needs of employers in your industry or field , so that they know exactly why they should hire you. (For more on this, check out How to Write a Resume Summary that Grabs Attention).If youre interested in professional resume help, just shoot me an email with a copy of your resume and Ill get back to you with feedback and a price quote. The best bit? As a reader of this blog (and therefore clearly a person with impeccable taste) you are entitled to claim a 15% discount on our resume writing service. Just mention the blog when you email me.

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7 fun facts about naps you probably dont know

7 fun facts about naps you probably dont know7 fun facts about naps you probably dont knowIts no coincidence that National Napping Day occurs right after the return of daylight saving time. We know, your circadian rhythm is all out of whack and it feels like the only way to remedy the situation is to go to sleep. But before you drift off, here are some fun facts about the best part of the day - nap time - that you probably didnt know.Follow Ladders on FlipboardFollow Ladders magazines on Flipboard covering Happiness, Productivity, Job Satisfaction, Neuroscience, and more1. There arethree distinct types of nappersTheres the habitual napper who takes a nap at the same time every single day. Theres the planned napper who plans to snooze before she actually gets tired. And then theres the emergency napper who waits until shes so tired that she has to stop what shes doing ASAP and snooze. (Which one are you?)2. Naps are a great de-stressing toolYep, if youre feeling especially wrung out , ditching your stressor and taking a snooze instead can give your brain a brief vacation from whats bothering you and calm your central nervous system. Then, when you come back to it, youre more collected to solve the problem more effectively.3. The coffee nap is one of the most effective ways to rebound your energy levels.Simply drink a cup of coffee and then sprawl out on the couch for your power nap. Twenty minutes later when you wake up, youll feel more refreshed and alert than ever. The boost you feel from caffeine doesnt typically kick in at full force until about 30 minutes after youve consumed it, and napping during that period of time helps your body process its existing feelings of drowsiness while you wait for the caffeine to take effect. Win-win.4. You dont have to fall asleep to reap the benefits of a napEven if you spend 20 minutes just lying down with your eyes closed, you can safely and effectively lower your blood pressure, relieving additional stress that your bod y is experiencing. So if you cant drift off, dont sweat it. Just pretend that youre lying on a beach somewhere and soak it all in.5. Humans nap differently than other mammalsThe vast majority of other mammals in the animal kingdom sleep for short periods of time throughout the day whenever their bodies tell them they need to rest. We, on the other hand, designate a large chunk of time for sleep and a large chunk of time for wakefulness, intentionally delaying rest even when we feel tired.6. Your body has an ideal nap timeAccording to researchersat the University of California-Berkeley, the best time to take a nap is right in the middle of your wake cycle. So, if you can, aim to nap eight hours after waking up in the morning and eight hours before going to bed at night.7. Theres such a thing as a napping competitionIts called theNational Siesta Championship, and its held in Madrid. In the past, the winner even got to take home a cash prize. Um, where do we sign up?This article first appeared on Swirled.You might also enjoyNew neuroscience reveals 4 rituals that will make you happyStrangers know your social class in the first seven words you say, study finds10 lessons from Benjamin Franklins daily schedule that will double your productivityThe worst mistakes you can make in an interview, according to 12 CEOs10 habits of mentally strong people

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Top 10 Emerging Careers

Top 10 Emerging CareersTop 10 Emerging CareersAre you the type of person that likes to stay ahead of the latest trends? Instead of following, you like to lead and anticipate the next big financial, career, or other market moves before your fellow peers. If so, you may be the perfect candidate for an emerging career position.Emerging careers are those that are in demand based on changes in technology, society, processes, and more. From computing to efficiency experts, emerging careers are sure to create a rewarding future return for those willing to take the initiative today. Keep reading for our suggestion of top ten emerging careers for inspiration.Computer ProgrammerIt seems like you cant shake a stick today without running into an industry or ordnungsprinzip that is powered by computers. Computer programmers are the backbone of this growing industry. From coding the next big video game to developing the newest and greatest software to keep future generations plugged in, if you hav e a keen interest in technology, this may be the field for you.Computer Programmer JobsElder Care Specialist We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you arent getting younger. For that matter, neither are your parents, grandparents, or other aging relatives. In previous generations, nursing homes were a bit of a mundane and dreary affair. With improvements in health care and longevity, however, elders are interested in more upbeat communities where they can live productive lives while still receiving needed medical care. Whether an in-home specialist or member of one of the up and coming residential centers, if you have a passion for the elderly and a desire to take care of people, a career as an elder care specialist is rewarding and secure.Elder Care JobsEnvironmental EngineerThanks to Al Gore (and scientists of course) people are increasingly aware of the impact of humans on our greater environment. Surveys before building and environmental impact studies are now par for the co urse. In plus-rechnen, the impact of emissions on our weather and global temperature continues to be a hot button issue. Be a do-gooder while earning a salary by considering launching a career as an environmental engineer.Environmental Engineer JobsPhysicians AssistantIts a given in life that if you have a population of people, youre going to need doctors and nurses to keep them healthy. With the increase of conversation around health care costs, physicians assistants are much-desired experts that help bridge the eu-agrarpolitik between serious medical care and routine treatment. Ditch the medical school and opt for a shorter degree term to earn the right to practice in this steady and stable field.Physicians Assistant JobsMobile Applications DeveloperIf youre reading this blog from a smspeciesphone or mobile device, chances are youre utilizing the work and efforts of a mobile applications developer. The number of new apps launched yearly across all platforms is staggering, and that doesnt count the updates and bug corrections. Learn how to program the next big thing in mobile with a career as a mobile applications developer.Mobile Applications Developer JobsManagement ConsultantIts a constant in human evolution that as society and jobs progress so does the desire for less work and more play. Management consultants are an emerging position based on employers desire to cut costs and keep workers happy while maximizing efficiency. Consulting is a flexible gig, in addition to being in high demand. Not a bad combo for a bit of guaranteed job security.Management Consultant JobsHome Health AideMuch like our previous career suggestion of elder care specialist, aging, sick and injured are increasingly opting to avoid the hospitals in lieu of healthcare from home. If you have the option to be mobile and a desire to serve and help make peoples lives better, a home health aide could be an exciting and steady gig for years to come.Home Health Aide JobsEmployment Placement SpecialistWeve touched the topic of recruitment quite a bit here at the Simply Hired Blog. Todays career market is focused increasingly on the use of recruitment professionals to place employees in mission-critical positions. Employment placement specialists are sure to be in demand in years to come. As a bonus, many of these positions work on a commission basis meaning you see an extra reward for your excellent performance. Employment Placement Specialist JobsWeb Content StrategistRemember those days when you would sit in your high school bedroom or college dorm room and create a website, just for the fun of it? Gone are the days when companies and brands rely on simplified websites or even their web platform alone as their only choice of connecting with potential clients. Web content strategists manage the entire portfolio of the internet, social media, and email marketing for clients. Like the internet and social media and have a knack for selling? A career as a web content stra tegist will keep you busy and employed for years to come.Web Content Strategist JobsFitness InstructorEverywhere you turn nowadays there seems to be another diet or exercise regime guaranteed to get people looking and feeling their best. With a focus on healthy lifestyles, it only makes sense that those dedicated to coaching and teaching others in the art of fitness would make it into our list of top ten emerging careers. If you have a passion for muscles and a love of aerobics, consider fitness instructor as a strong career move.Fitness Instructor JobsHave other suggestions for emerging careers that are sure to be in demand in the coming years? Drop us a line and tell us your experience and opinions for a chance to be featured in a future article.

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Survey 60% of American adults have entertained the idea of heading back to school

Survey 60% of American adults have entertained the idea of heading back to schoolSurvey 60% of American adults have entertained the idea of heading back to schoolA new survey fromChamplain College Online found that 60% of American adults have entertained the idea of once again hitting the books to secure a bachelors degree, associate degree, or certificate.

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The History of Resumes De Trabajo Refuted

The History of Resumes De Trabajo Refuted But then you have to back this up with what specifically differentiates you. No restrictions are made on the sort of study. Ensure that your contact information is clear, prominent, and simple to read. Then ask if theyd like more information. Architects work in an office the majority of the moment. Interviewers want to get sold. The great thing is you dont will need to visit art school or spend any moment in hipster coffee shops. Regardless of what graphic you pick, be sure that it is of premium quality and that it fits with the content of your resume. In this transition, youll still be in a standort to use the telephone system three days per week, and were adding a new feature to our internet service to allow it to be simpler than ever to submit a claim or check your account status online An excellent method to create friends and influence people. The incredible thing about Facebook Ads is the capacity to learn quickly. Sorry, N aughty Dog doesnt provide any internships or student work-study opportunities at this moment. In any field wherever your personality or expert appearance is a central part of the job, a photo is a great way to demonstrate that off. It might have a graph, a pie chart, or a different visual direction of presenting this info. Make sure that your photo is professional. Including an expert photo of yourself is an excellent idea for creative resumes. Following your account was established, you can upload your resume and follow the actions to produce and fill out an application. The ideal way to get prepared for the interview is to learn the questions which may be coming and practice your answers ahead of time. Theyre provided that you use as a guide, providing you the simple structure for formulating your own answers. And note this question could be utilised as a lead in to questions around how you handle conflict in a team, so be ready. The following are a few of the toughest qu estions you will face in the duration of your job interviews. Its also a great idea to discover who will be reading your resume, if at all possible. When you have become practiced in behavioral interviewing skills, you will realize that you may use nearly every question as a launching pad for a specific example or compelling story. The times you need to use a creative resume are fewer than when you need to use a formal resume. Self-taught how to utilize PS computer. Talk about an actual weakness from years past then show what youre doing to overcome it. Learn more This course will help you become promoted. It will teach you how to think about marketing. It gets pretty technical. You should choose a weakness that youve been actively working to overcome. It doesnt offer prospective employers with helpful details about you and might hurt your odds of getting work interview. However, there are numerous tried-and-true suggestions to get you started. Unfortunately, youll need to get used to everyone pestering you to pull reports for them as they dont understand how.